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Carrageenan Side Effects for Your Health Benefits

Thursday 28 September 2017

Carrageenan Side Effects for Your Health Benefits

Before you consume any product, you might want to know more about carrageenan side effects that become one of the ingredients inside the product itself. You should know that the carrageenan is actually still in the same group as the polysaccharides. And to create this substance, some species of red seaweed which is edible is extracted. Then the substance which resulted from the extraction is used as one of the ingredient inside different kinds of product including food product. This is the reason why people want to know about the side effect that this substance might have. Surely people who are concern about anything that they eat will want to know if the food that they eat is beneficial for their health or not.

Learn more about carrageenan side effects
However, before you know about the carrageenan side effects you should know first on the production process of this substance so you will be more informed about it. This substance itself is actually created using edible species of red seaweed. The seaweed itself is a plant which grows under the sea water, even though there are around 2000 species known, but only tens of them is used by human in different function. For extracting carrageenan function, the edible species of red seaweed is harvest by farmer so it can be used as the raw material inside the production process. Of course, the farmer need to dried it first since it need to be send to the factory location which might be very far away from the harvesting location.
Upon arrival the dried material will be grind since it will be easier to process it later on. Then sifting is mandatory since there might be some sand which included accidentally in the raw material. Next is the washing which is necessary to remove other impurities on the raw material. Now the material is ready to be soaked using potassium hydroxide. It is an alkali solution which able to increase the gelling ability of this substance which is a good carrageenan side effects that this substance should have.
Now the mixture will be heat up so the carrageenan can form along with several celluloses inside the mixture. Next is to do the filtration process then the centrifugation process which done to remove the celluloses from inside the substance using those mechanical processes. Of course, evaporation process also needs to be done to remove any water inside and make more solid form. Last the solid form will be grind to make fine powder form which you can easily find on the industrial market.
Now it is the time to talk about the carrageenan side effects that you want to know more. However, you should also consider that the side effect can be a good one or a bad one but both are still side effects.
Essentially you should not even worry when consuming carrageenan because this substance has big molecular weight which make this substance cannot be metabolized by human body. Thus when you consume it, then the substance will only go out from your body digestion system inside the feces. So when you consume carrageenan, then there is no side effect which will influence your body absorption in absorbing other substance.
Usually there are no bad carrageenan side effects that you will get when you consume it around 5% in daily diet. However, even when you exceed that number the bad side effect that you will get is diarrhea as well as soft stool. Do not be too afraid since it is a very common bad side effect when you over consuming non-digestible fibers like this carrageenan.
Get back to good side effect; you should also consider that the carrageenan is created using red seaweed. And this seaweed is known to have good antioxidant content which able to help your body in battling free radical. Next is because the carrageenan itself is non-digestible fibers then it is also able to regulate your bowel movement which surely a good side effect to have when consuming this substance.
Those are several carrageenan side effects that you will get when you consuming this substance. Surely some of them are beneficial side effect thus you might want to consider getting this carrageenan beneficial side effect for your digestion system by consuming carrageenan.


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