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Thursday 28 September 2017

If you own a diary product factory, then you might want to work together with Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers to get their product. Those who are inside food industry already know that Indonesia is famous for their carrageenan manufacturing. This substance is needed in the making process of many kinds of product including those dairy products that you create. However, you surely want to get the best carrageenan substance to help you in making dairy products for your customer. With the best substance, then you will be able to create the best product in your factory. This is the reason why you should try to work with the best carrageenan manufacturer in Indonesia.

Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers product creation
If you have not know already, the carrageenan is a type of food additive with ability to thicken, stabilize and gelling many kinds of food. The food additive itself has this ability because of the unique properties that it has which is to bind together with protein nutrient that is available on the food product that is created with this food additive. That is why, when you create dairy product then it will be better to also include this food additive as one of the ingredient.
As you know, the diary product that you create contains a lot of protein from the milk inside. That is why Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers says this food additive, is able to bind well with the protein inside the milk when you create this product. By adding this food additive into your dairy product, then the product will get thicker and it will still have stabile form even when you do not use too many proteins inside the product itself. Thus by adding this food additive, inside the dairy product, then you will be able to create the product itself with less protein ingredient. At the same time, you do not need to worry as the texture, appearance and the thickness will still the same as product with normal amount of protein ingredient.
Thus the reason why a lot of dairy factory are using this food additive as one of the ingredient, is because they can create the dairy product without using too much ingredient but still have the same quality. By doing this then the dairy factory can sell their product in cheaper price. This means that the product will be available for people in larger range since more people can afford purchasing this product. So you do not need to be worry when you want to work together with Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers, as you will get more profit by selling more of your product.
But before you can use this food additive inside your dairy product, surely you also want to know the method that the manufacturer does to create the carrageenan. Actually this food additive is derived from red seaweed. Thus the manufacturer needs to have red seaweed in large amount and that can only be done by farming. The farm itself is created in the sea near its surface so it will be easier to harvest it later on. That is why; bamboo stick is floated on the sea surface as tools to guide the seaweed underneath it.
Then the Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers will attach nylon string as the place for the red seaweed to grow. This string itself usually has 2 meter length downwards into the sea since the seaweed can also grow until that height. Once the seaweed has 1 kg weight then it will be harvest to make the carrageenan after drying it first before being sent into the manufacturer locations.
Once it is arrived on Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers factory then it will be grind then sift and washed so no impurities will mixed inside. Then it will be soaked using hot alkali solution which trigger the carrageenan formation along with cellulose in the substance. Mechanical method is used to remove the cellulose then the rest will be evaporated to take carrageenan in solid form. Last it will be grind to make it into finer power.
Those are the method used by Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers when they want to create the food additive product. Now you can use that food additive in your diary product to make it become thicker and richer so easy to produce.

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If you owned a food factory, then you might want to be in contact with Indonesia carrageenan suppliers to provide you with some of their product. A lot of food items are using carrageenan as one of the ingredient. Thus if you need to have this substance to help you in creating this product then you surely need to have one which have great quality. Indonesia is one of the country which known for their carrageenan product. Thus if you truly need to have the best carrageenan product, then you might want to be in touch with the supplier which located in Indonesia.

Production process of Indonesia carrageenan suppliers
For you who do not know, the carrageenan itself is a special substance that has ability to gel, thicken, as well as stabilizing other substance that mixes in with it. This ability could happen because of the special properties that carrageenan has which able to bind itself with the protein that is contained by the other substance. That is why, Indonesia carrageenan suppliers usually suggest it to be used inside food product especially one that is made using dairy or meat as the ingredient.
Dairy as well as meat contains a lot of protein, thus the carrageenan can easily bind itself with the ingredient. With the presence of carrageenan inside the ingredient then the food product will be thicker even though it actually does not contain too many protein inside. So adding carrageenan can reduce the amount of ingredient used inside the product. Do not worry since the carrageenan has the ability to make the food product have the same texture, thickness and appearance as it normally should.
And the reason why the product is created with carrageenan addition is because they can create the product with fewer ingredients without changing the quality. So eventually the product can be sold in cheaper price. This means making the availability of this product become larger since more people can afford to purchase the product. Surely when more people purchase your product this also means you will get more profit. Thus having good Indonesia carrageenan suppliers to provide this substance for you is critical for your own business.
But you might want to know more information on how the Indonesia carrageenan suppliers are able to create this substance for you to use. The carrageenan itself is actually made using red seaweed as the raw material. That is why; the supplier will actually go as far as farming the seaweed on the sea surface. To do it they will attach line made using nylon material and hung it on a bamboo stick which will be floating above the water. Then the seaweed will grow on the line in around 2 meter depth which will be the ideal depth for the seaweed to grow. Then when the seaweed already has 1 kg weight, this means that it is ready to be harvest.
After the seaweed is harvested, then the Indonesia carrageenan suppliers will dried it so the water will comes out from it. Only then it is ready to be send into the factory where carrageenan making process will take place. In the factory, the dried seaweed will be grind first so it will have smaller size which surely becomes easier to processes later on. Then the result will be sifted so other small particle that taken with it can be removed. Washing is the next process done to remove other unwanted things on the surface. Now it is ready to be used as in the creation process.
To create the carrageenan, the seaweed will be soaked inside hot alkali substance. By this process the carrageenan is created but the seaweed also creates some cellulose with it. Then to remove it, the substance will be filtered so only the carrageenan substance which will stay. Next is to evaporate the whole substance so the carrageenan will have more solid form. Before being sent to your food factory location, the solid form will be grind first so it will become powder.
Since it is already in powder form, then you will be easier to mix this ingredient into your product. So you should make sure that the Indonesia carrageenan suppliers give you substance that is already in fine powder form since it is easier to use.

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Some of you might be in search for lambda carrageenan supplier since you want to get this item for your factory production. When that is the reason, then you have come to the right place as we will talk more about this supplier. However, some of you might never even hear about this item at all, although in fact it has been used inside different kinds of product that you might always use. Especially since the carrageenan itself has special ability which able to gel, thicken, as well as stabilize many things. So when this item is used by the factory for their product production, then the production will be easier and the product appearance will be better. Thus that is one of the reasons why many factories love to use it in their factory production.

Searching for the best lambda carrageenan supplier
You should know that the carrageenan itself has three kinds of types and the lambda carrageenan supplier provides one of the types, which is the lambda type. Furthermore the carrageenan is created using red variety seaweed which results in different types of item. Those types are differentiated by using the sulfurylation degree that each type has, also on each type the amount of sulphate group which available on its disaccharide is also different. So on this lambda type carrageenan, it has 3 sulphate groups on its disaccharide.
Furthermore those types are also contains different amount of ester sulfate that stays in different location. Meanwhile on this lambda type carrageenan it owned the highest level of ester sulfate. And because of that reason, the solubility temperature on this lambda type carrageenan is very low and the gelling strength has also become very low. So when you discus more about this lambda type carrageenan, then you will know that it is the type that does not gel even though it is able to thicken the substance which mixed well with it. But many people search for best lambda carrageenan supplier because of this unique ability as it is very suitable to be used inside dairy product. Furthermore this type of carrageenan also able to dissolved inside cold temperature which make it even easier to be used.
You should know that all types of carrageenan are actually can be created using the same variety of red seaweed. But just that the variety should be in different growing stage so it will create different types of carrageenan. Then for this lambda type of carrageenan, the supplier will need to use variety of red seaweed which actually still in the sporophyte growing stage.
To create this item, the lambda carrageenan supplier will need to make a seaweed farm so they can get the variety of red seaweed which actually still in the sporophyte growing stage. As it is quite hard to accidentally found seaweed, that is actually still in the sporophyte growing stage naturally. In the farm, the red seaweed movement will be controlled using nylon lines which attached into some kinds of sticks which float on the sea surface and made using bamboo material. After couples of months then the red seaweed which actually still in the sporophyte growing stage is ready for harvest. Then the farmers will dry it first so it is ready for transportation to be processes inside the factory.
Inside the lambda carrageenan supplier factory location, then the dried red seaweed which actually still in the sporophyte growing stage is ground, sieved, and rinsed so all the dirt will go away. Next is to cook it using alkali liquid as this liquid is the one that is able to create the lambda type carrageenan to comes out from the dried red seaweed which actually still in the sporophyte growing stage. As it also creates cellulose at the same time, then mechanical method is used to remove it. Lastly, it will be disperse and the solid form will be ground to make it into powder lambda carrageenan.
Those are the complete process which used by lambda carrageenan supplier to create their product. With the best process they are able to create the best product, so you do not need to be worry when you want to get the best product then you only need to be in touch with the best supplier here.

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For you who owned a meat product factory, and then you might want to be in touch with Indonesia carrageenan factory to supply you with their product. You might already know that some meat product also uses carrageenan in the ingredient list. So if you one of the factory that creates your meat product using this substance as the food additive then you need to find a factory which able to give great quality carrageenan for you to use. A lot of business owners already know that in Indonesia there are some factories that able to create the best carrageenan product. Thus you surely want to be able to be in touch with one of those factories.

Best Indonesia carrageenan factory production
This carrageenan substance itself is used by many factories because of their capability which able to thicken, stabilize, and gelling other things which well mixed with it. This capability can happen because this substance has extraordinary properties which make it able to bind itself with protein inside other things which well mixed with it. That is why, the Indonesia carrageenan factory might suggest to you to mix this substance with the meat product that you create in your factory.
You already know that the meat ingredient you use contains a lot of protein as one of the nutrient inside. That is why carrageenan can easily bind well with the meat product that you create in your factory. Furthermore, by using this substance with the meat product, then your product will still be thick enough even though when it does not contain too much protein inside. You can see that the meat product you create in your factory will still have similar texture and appearance as other meat product which does not use carrageenan as the ingredient.
Another reason why many meat products is using this carrageenan substance as addition on the ingredient list is because the factory can make their product even with less ingredient but still does not sacrifice the quality. Thus by doing this method the factory is able to sell their product in cheaper rate, surely more people are now able to purchase that meat product which in time will also mean that the factory received more profit using this method. So if you want to use this method, then you will want to contact the Indonesia carrageenan factory soon.
But before you contact them, then you might want to know how this factory create the carrageenan substance itself. Most people do not even know that this substance is actually taken from red seaweed species. Thus to get enough of this material to make the carrageenan substance, then the Indonesia carrageenan factory also need to create a seaweed farm in the sea which may located far from their factory location.
The red seaweed is grows on nylon material string which attached to floating stick made from bamboo material. The nylon itself usually is in 2 meter depth, thus it will be enough length for the seaweed to grow until it has 1 kg weight. Usually it takes around 3 months for the seaweed ready to be harvest. Then it still needs to be dried and send into the factory to be process further in carrageenan creation.
Inside Indonesia carrageenan factory then the seaweed will be ground when received. Then sifting and washing is done since they want the seaweed to be as clean as possible before the next process. Then the next process is actually soaking this seaweed using alkali solution which able to trigger the carrageenan formation as well as making its ability stronger. Next is to increase this mixture temperature for the carrageenan to form which also accompanied with cellulose.
Do not worry since the cellulose can easily be removed using mechanical process so only the carrageenan is left inside the solution. Then evaporation is the next process which able to create solid form of carrageenan. Of course the factory still need to grind that solid form to create more powder forms which easier to use by other factory as your meat factory.
Those are the process used by Indonesia carrageenan factory when they create their product. When you receive that product, now you already know the procedure that the factory needs to do in creating it.

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You might want to know more about nutrition facts of carrageenan since you already see it being used as ingredient in many kinds of products. The carrageenan itself is a substance which stays in the same category as sulfated polysaccharides. This substance is extract from edible red seaweed type using alkaline procedure. Because of the properties that this substance has that is able to stabilize, thicken and gel, it often used by food industry in creating their product. There are many kinds of products that uses this substance as additive, but most of the time, it is used on meat as well as milk product.
Important nutrition facts of carrageenan you should know
Learning about nutrition facts of carrageenan means that you need to know about the usage of this substance. Even though the substance can be used in different function, but there are two main use of carrageenan which is:
1.      Traditional medicine
Carrageenan is often used as the active ingredient inside different kinds of traditional medicine which can be used to treat many kinds of disease from intestinal issue to a simple cough. The nutrition facts of carrageenan have been used to decrease several disease symptoms such as swelling and pain. Furthermore the acidic variation of this substance can be use as bulk forming laxative as well as treatment for peptic ulcer symptoms.
2.      Additive in food
Carrageenan has very unique kind of chemical structure, this is why it is great to be used to bind, stabilize, and thicken many kinds of food as well as health and personal care product.
Besides those common usages of carrageenan, you should also know other fact of this substance.
First is the fact that because of this substance molecular weight, it cannot significantly being absorb or even metabolized by your body. This means that whenever you consume carrageenan, it will only flow throughout the GI tract which is very common for fiber and eventually it will be excreted in the feces. However, you should not be afraid since this substance would not affect your absorption on other substance.
You should know nutrition facts of carrageenan when you consume up to 5% of this substance in your diet, actually it does not have any toxic effect. However, if you exceed that amount then you will get some side effect such as diarrhea, and soft stool. This side effect is actually common in non-digestible fibers including this carrageenan.
Another fact is that the oligosaccharides inside carrageenan show that it has antioxidant activity. The activity itself can help to support the cells inside your body from conquering damage because of oxidative stress. Those stresses are often caused by free radicals which attack your body. The free radicals itself comes from many resource which you often encounter such as bad food or smoke that created by vehicle, factory and cigarette.
Other important nutrition facts of carrageenan that you might want to know is that this substance also helps with your digestive system since it can make your bowel movement become more regular. If you want to achieve this result, you can try to create carrageenan drink using traditional method. The traditional method that you can use is to boil an edible red seaweed type using milk or even water to create the drink.
Actually the traditional method to use carrageenan in food has already started since 600 BC; however the production of this substance to be used in food industry is only beginning in 1930s.
Based on the production method of this substance, you can actually found two types of carrageenan in the market. The first is one is the undegraded carrageenan which is often used in food industry as a natural thickening agent. This type is created using alkaline procedure to crate the food grade carrageenan.
The second one is the degraded carrageenan which also called as poligeenan. Even though it is also called as carrageenan but it is different from the carrageenan that we found inside food. This type is created using acid solution which is why there are some risk on health in this product, thus it is not used in any food even though many people still mistakenly identify poligeenan as the carrageenan that we found inside the food. These nutrition facts of carrageenan are important to know.

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How to use carrageenan powder as the thickening agents, stabilizer, and binder for your products or foods? First thing first carrageenan is the most common food additives which taken directly from the red algae seaweed called Chondrus crispus and it is also popularly known as Irish moss. However, carrageenan does not have nutritional values unlike other seaweeds products rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. But they have been used widely as emulsifier and thickening agents to improve the texture of certain industry food products such as ice cream, yoghurt, soy milk, cottage cheese, and other processed manufacturer’s products.

Types of carrageenan and how to use carrageenan powder
Carrageenan extracted from the red seaweeds which processed into powder form and then used for various things. It is known well for the thickening and gelling properties. There are three most common types of carrageenan that being used for the thickening agents in many homeowners and manufacturers industries:
-          Iota carrageenan, this kind of carrageenan usually used for beauty products like cosmetics and jelly soap. It has soft elastic gel form with the freeze-thaw capabilities.
-          Lambda carrageenan, this is one type of carrageenan which is used as thickener rather than a jeller.
-          Kappa carrageenan, this is a type of carrageenan that produces a strong but brittle and firm gel.
There are many methods on how to use carrageenan powder either for human foods or pet foods as well as for other products like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and many more. You can found a carrageenan powder easily in local markets or stores and sometimes they are being sold in plastic bag or plastic packages from half pound to one pound bags and more. And to use the powder of carrageenan extract, you should mix it with water for the first so it turns into liquid which you can use later for certain things. Of course, there are still many methods that you can try but this method is the simpler one for everyday use especially if you are a homeowner who wants to use carrageenan powder for personal use.
Here some of the tips on how to use the carrageenan powder such as:
1.      You do not need to purchase large size of carrageenan powder bag because half or one pound of bag is enough to be used for small product. You can prepare the carrageenan powder by making it into liquid using food blender and it will not harm your blender or even you when you mix it with water.
2.      To make half gallon size of carrageenan liquid from the powder you can start to mix 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp of carrageenan powder into the blender and then mix it with cold water. Fill it up till the top of the blender.
3.      Turn on the blender power to the highest speed for 1 minute only and then pour the mixture into an empty half gallon or container. You can also use empty plastic milk jug to be filled with the mixture. Add water again to the top and shake a bit to mix it together.
4.      Store the carrageenan mixture into refrigerator and let it sit overnight or at least for 4 hours. This is required to let the bubbles pop out which is occurred when you mix and blend the powder with water together. The foam needs to be pop out until the carrageenan powder becomes perfect liquid. You should pay attention of these important tips on how to use carrageenan powder.
5.      When you store the carrageenan mixture in refrigerator, usually it will last till 10 days, however only a day or two when kept in room temperature. After that, the thickener will begin to lose its thickness and start to water and it is no longer good as thickening agents.
Please pay attention when you want to mix the carrageenan powder and the water with blender. Only regular kitchen blender can be used since food processor or mixer is not fast enough to mix the powder with water. Second, some essential notes need to be watched out is the fact that if the water is too hard or mineralized, it will prevent the carrageenan powder to form gel then you can use purified water. That’s several ideas on how to use carrageenan powder which you can try.

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You might want to know what is E407 carrageenan; as this item often used in many kinds of food that you eat every day. Since it is a common item, thus many food manufacturers are using it inside their food ingredient list. The reason is because using this item will really help them in creating the food product that they manufacture easier. However, as the consumers, you might not know the usage of this product inside the food that you consume. And when you really pay attention on the healthy aspect of the food that you consume, then you must want to know more about this substance.

What is E407 Carrageenan?
When you have question about what is E407 carrageenan, then you should know that this item is often used as food additive by food manufacturer. This carrageenan item itself is actually one kind of polysaccharides that often used in food. And as you already know this item already have E number which means it is permitted when used inside food item as additive by authorities in European Union.
So when answering your question about what is E407 carrageenan, then we must first discuss about the E number itself. Based on the numbering system, the E in this system is short term for Europe where this numbering system is used. Then since it is still in the 400 number ranges this means that the item in this number range is used for thickener, emulsifier, and stabilizer which consist of many kinds of compounds.
When you ask about what is E407 carrageenan then you should take it closer, since this carrageenan is in the 400 until 409 number sub ranges. This means that the item in this number range is considered as alginates, which is made from algae. This description is correct since the carrageenan itself is actually extracted from red seaweed which is a type of algae.
Now if you see it even closer, there is also a type of carrageenan with E407a code. Seeing from the numbering system composition, this carrageenan is still the same with the previous code. But the a code addition is used when the carrageenan is presented as a processed type from eucheuma subfamily of seaweed where there are still some cellulose left on the end items.
This eucheuma subfamily of seaweed is often found in Indonesia and Philippines. Furthermore the Philippines often farm a specific species on this seaweed subfamily which is the eucheuma cottonii species that is known locally as guso. Yes you are right; this seaweed is farm by the manufacturer since they need to have enough of this seaweed which will be used on the factory to be the raw material for their carrageenan product. And their product is the one that trigger your question about what is E407 carrageenan.
To farm the seaweed, then some kind of string made from nylon will be used to guide the seaweed growth. This nylon will be tie on a bamboo stick which floats on the surface of the sea. The seaweed will grow in around 2 meter in depth for around three months then it will have around 1 kg of weight so it is ready to be harvest.
After the harvest, then it will be dried so it is ready to be brought into the factory place. In the factory there are three first processes that are done to clean this seaweed which are grinding, sifting and washing process so there is no impurities left on the seaweed as it will be used to be raw material in carrageenan creation.
Then the second process is done to extract the carrageenan from inside the seaweed by doing soaking process using alkali solution and heating this solution so the carrageenan will comes out even though it will be accompanied with cellulose. That is why the third process is done to remove the cellulose from inside the product which is by using mechanical procedure. Then the last process is to make the end product which is by evaporation the leftover liquid then grinding the result to be finer carrageenan powder.
We hope that those explanations really answer your question about what is E407 carrageenan so now you will be more informed and knows about this food additive.

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