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Benefits of Carrageenan inside Food or Health Supplement

Thursday 28 September 2017

Benefits of Carrageenan inside Food or Health Supplement

You might want to know about the benefits of carrageenan as there are many kinds of product that uses this substance. The substance itself is in the same group as sulphated polysaccharides and it is extracted from many varieties of red seaweed which are edible. Generally this substance is used by the food industry as agents that can thicken, gelling and stabilizing the foods. It has very strong binding ability to protein that is found inside the food. That is why, it is mainly used for meat or dairy product, but they are also often found inside infant formula and juice product.

Benefits of carrageenan for human consumption
Before we know more about the benefits of carrageenan, let us check out on the making process of this substance. First is the harvesting process of many varieties of red seaweed which are edible to be used as the raw material. Then the red seaweed is dried to remove the water content from inside the sea vegetable. Next is the grinding, sifting and washing process so the impurities that may attached to the red seaweed can be removed. Through those processes not the red seaweed is ready to be used as raw material to create the carrageenan substance.
The raw material will then be soaked inside a type of alkali solution which usually is the potassium hydroxide. Then it will be heat up so the carrageenan will come out from the red seaweed. Next is the filtration process as well as centrifugation process, which are done to remove the cellulose using those mechanical processes. Then the last reminds of the solution will be evaporated in order to eliminate any water content to extract the carrageenan completely. Lastly the carrageenan extract is ground further into powder as final specification that wanted by the industry for their commercial production.
Actually you can also do the production of this substance to get the benefits of carrageenan by yourself at home. The traditional extraction method is generally similar to the industrial extraction method that we have mentioned above. Furthermore the traditional extraction method has been done at 600 BC, however the industrial extraction method only done in 1930. Nevertheless this shows that people in the old days already knows the usage of carrageenan and its benefits.
Based on the number of sulphation that the disaccharides on this substance has, carrageenan itself is divided into three types. On the kappa carrageenan type, the disaccharides have a sulphate. On the iota carrageenan type, the disaccharides have two sulphates. Then on the lambda carrageenan type, the disaccharides have three sulphates.
The carrageenan itself is known to have antioxidant and many other properties which make people search for the benefits of carrageenan. The lambda carrageenan type is even very common to be used in health supplement because of its unique properties that would not form gel, then it can be dissolved using cold water. Furthermore this substance can give some support on your digestive system, which is the reason why it is also often use to create capsule of health supplement.
Now after you already get that complete information, let us talk about its benefit for your health. First benefit that you can get is because of the antioxidant activity done by the oligosaccharides that is available inside the carrageenan. This antioxidant will be able to help supporting your body cell and protecting it from damage which created by axidative stress.
Next benefits of carrageenan are to support your digestion system as it can make your bowel movement become more regular. If you want to get this benefit by extracting the substance traditionally, then it is actually easy to do. All you need is to boil an edible red seaweed type inside water or milk then drink the fluid. Another benefit that you can get is to relieve gastric discomfort as carrageenan can reduce discomfort and irritation in your stomach.
Those are several benefits of carrageenan that you can get for your body. You can easily get those benefits by consuming carrageenan which available inside different food or even health supplement. But if you can get any fresh edible red seaweed type, then you can also make the substance yourself using the traditional method which may benefits you more since you can get it fresh.


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