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Carrageenan Other Names in Europe and Based on the Types

Thursday 28 September 2017

Carrageenan Other Names in Europe and Based on the Types

You might be curious about carrageenan other names since when you search this item in the market, you only see other names that it has. As a lot of product contains this item, then you might see it in the content list of that product, even though it may be listed using the other names. The function of this item will really help the producer in creating the product, thus if you also want to use this item, then you should be sure to get it that has superior quality. This is why, it is important for you to know about this item other names so you can get the right product with the right quality.

List of carrageenan other names
You need to know that the carrageenan is used inside a lot of product because of its great capability which able to make the product to be stabile, gel and thick. It can be done because this item itself has special nature which makes it work to bind itself into the protein content inside the product that uses this item. So besides knowing carrageenan other names, you should also know that many products which have milk or meat in the ingredient list is also suitable to use carrageenan as the food additive on the product.
As you know, the milk as well as meat which used in the ingredient list of many products are also contains a lot of protein which make the carrageenan can easily bind with the ingredients. Then this item is able to make the product become thicker even when the protein ingredient on the list is reduced. Thus by adding this carrageenan, the producer will be able to use fewer ingredients on their list. But they do not even need to be worry as the product will still have similar appearance, thickness and texture with the help of carrageenan addition on the list.
That is one of the reasons why the producer is willing to use this item inside their ingredient list since they can create the exact product with reducing the ingredient on the list but still not change its quality. By using this method, then the making cost for the product can also be reduced thus they will also eventually reduce the selling price. By reducing the selling price, surely there will be more consumers that come to purchase their product. This also means their consumers range will get bigger as more and more consumers are able to afford their product. When more consumers come to purchase their product, then they will eventually get more profits in the business. This is why, it is important for you to know carrageenan other names so you can find the right product to be used on your production. Then you will be able to gain more profits by doing this method.
Now when talking about carrageenan other names, this item is usually named after its types, as there are several types of carrageenan that you can get such as:
1.      Kappa
Kappa carrageenan can form very strong and rigid gel when there is potassium ion. That is why; it can react greatly when used in milk protein. To make this carrageenan, the supplier usually uses Kappaphycus alvarezii as the raw material.
2.      Iota
This type carrageenan can form soft type gel when there is calcium ion. To make this carrageenan, the carrageenan supplier usually uses Eucheuma denticulatum. as the raw material.
3.      Lambda
This type of carrageenan will not form any gel thus it is good to be used in thickening product made from milk.
Other carrageenan other names that you may find is the E407 as well as E407a. However this name usually used in the Europe Union areas as this name is actually an E code used in those areas. Even though this name uses code, but they are actually still carrageenan.
Now that you know the carrageenan other names, then you will be able to recognize this item when you want to find it in the market. Do not forget, that you need to get this item in the correct type as there are three types of carrageenan that you can purchase as you can see from the types that we have mention earlier.


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