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5 Steps on How to Use Carrageenan Powder

Thursday 28 September 2017

5 Steps on How to Use Carrageenan Powder

How to use carrageenan powder as the thickening agents, stabilizer, and binder for your products or foods? First thing first carrageenan is the most common food additives which taken directly from the red algae seaweed called Chondrus crispus and it is also popularly known as Irish moss. However, carrageenan does not have nutritional values unlike other seaweeds products rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. But they have been used widely as emulsifier and thickening agents to improve the texture of certain industry food products such as ice cream, yoghurt, soy milk, cottage cheese, and other processed manufacturer’s products.

Types of carrageenan and how to use carrageenan powder
Carrageenan extracted from the red seaweeds which processed into powder form and then used for various things. It is known well for the thickening and gelling properties. There are three most common types of carrageenan that being used for the thickening agents in many homeowners and manufacturers industries:
-          Iota carrageenan, this kind of carrageenan usually used for beauty products like cosmetics and jelly soap. It has soft elastic gel form with the freeze-thaw capabilities.
-          Lambda carrageenan, this is one type of carrageenan which is used as thickener rather than a jeller.
-          Kappa carrageenan, this is a type of carrageenan that produces a strong but brittle and firm gel.
There are many methods on how to use carrageenan powder either for human foods or pet foods as well as for other products like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and many more. You can found a carrageenan powder easily in local markets or stores and sometimes they are being sold in plastic bag or plastic packages from half pound to one pound bags and more. And to use the powder of carrageenan extract, you should mix it with water for the first so it turns into liquid which you can use later for certain things. Of course, there are still many methods that you can try but this method is the simpler one for everyday use especially if you are a homeowner who wants to use carrageenan powder for personal use.
Here some of the tips on how to use the carrageenan powder such as:
1.      You do not need to purchase large size of carrageenan powder bag because half or one pound of bag is enough to be used for small product. You can prepare the carrageenan powder by making it into liquid using food blender and it will not harm your blender or even you when you mix it with water.
2.      To make half gallon size of carrageenan liquid from the powder you can start to mix 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp of carrageenan powder into the blender and then mix it with cold water. Fill it up till the top of the blender.
3.      Turn on the blender power to the highest speed for 1 minute only and then pour the mixture into an empty half gallon or container. You can also use empty plastic milk jug to be filled with the mixture. Add water again to the top and shake a bit to mix it together.
4.      Store the carrageenan mixture into refrigerator and let it sit overnight or at least for 4 hours. This is required to let the bubbles pop out which is occurred when you mix and blend the powder with water together. The foam needs to be pop out until the carrageenan powder becomes perfect liquid. You should pay attention of these important tips on how to use carrageenan powder.
5.      When you store the carrageenan mixture in refrigerator, usually it will last till 10 days, however only a day or two when kept in room temperature. After that, the thickener will begin to lose its thickness and start to water and it is no longer good as thickening agents.
Please pay attention when you want to mix the carrageenan powder and the water with blender. Only regular kitchen blender can be used since food processor or mixer is not fast enough to mix the powder with water. Second, some essential notes need to be watched out is the fact that if the water is too hard or mineralized, it will prevent the carrageenan powder to form gel then you can use purified water. That’s several ideas on how to use carrageenan powder which you can try.


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