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Sardine Fish Indonesia and Reasons of Why You Need to Eat It

Saturday 23 September 2017

Sardine Fish Indonesia and Reasons of Why You Need to Eat It

Sardine fish Indonesia is one of type of fish that very popular to be consumed by most people especially fish lover. There are many reasons of why you should eat more sardines because they bring certain health benefits for your body. Sardines are small type of fish rich in protein and vitamins, not to mention it also have delicious taste. Sardines can be purchased grilled or fresh or canned for your extreme satisfying meals. Although it is better to find and buy a fresh sardines, but for quick grab, canned sardine is the best choice. When you want to use or cook the sardines, make sure that you drain off the oil first by using paper towel and then drizzle the fish with fresh lemon juice to strengthen the flavor.
Many reasons of why you should eat sardine fish Indonesia
There are seriously many reasons of why you should eat or at least try if you never eat canned sardine fish Indonesia:
1.      The price is affordable
One of the many reasons of why you need to eat sardine is because they are mostly offered with affordable prices. For comparison, the prices per ounce of canned sardines are on par with canned Tuna Indonesia product as well as ground beef, poultry, and other food market protein sources. As for prices for fresh sardines, they are depends on the availability but usually they are priced lower than the other types of fish.
2.      Sardines are good for you body
Yes that’s right, sardines are good for your body if you moderately eat them in proper amount. Sardines bring awesome nutritional contents, for example a single serving of sardine fish carry around 23 grams of high quality protein and it still loaded by delightful omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, and potassium. It also low in calories with the amount of 200 calories only. And with canned sardine, it comes with only around 400 milligrams of sodium which considered being little for a can fish product. Some of the product packed in olive oil which is good for a healthy diet as well.
3.      Sardines are tasty
Sardines are delicious and this is of course the most important and ultimate reason of why you should eat sardines more. They are very pleasure to eat with simple ready to be cooked/ easy to be prepared and it offers tasty appearance. You can enjoy the sardine fish Indonesia Jakarta alone or you can also cook them together with other ingredients to make great dishes.
4.      They actually not bad for you
Some people have concern about the mercury content in fish or in this case, sardine. However, sardines are low in the oceanic food chain and thus they also contain lower level of mercury compared with other predators and longer life fish like tuna or salmon. With moderate consumption too, you can enjoy eating sardines without need to be worried by the effect of mercury.
5.       Well, they taste like fish
In seafood markets with majority pale fish steaks, artificially dyed fish fillets, bland plus artificial crab meat, and other seafood which taste like blegh, sardines are stand out because: 1) In fact they are fish with small body being too difficult to be grind up or fillet; 2) They are oily and smell like fish; and 3) They taste fishy completed with bones, tails, and fish head.
6.      They are properly fished
Since sardines stock is very abundant, they are easy to be found and well managed. They are sustainably fished and the fish is so healthy to be consumed.
In conclusion, these are the reasons of why you need to eat sardine fish Indonesia factory:
-          Easy to get and easy to eat
-          Sustainable and no feat for sardine stock depletion
-          Rich in protein and calcium
-          Good fats content a.k.a Omega 3 fatty acids
-          No poison metals or at least in lower levels (due to being a small fish and diet consisting plankton meaning this fish does not accumulate high poison metals level in their bodies unlike tuna and other oceanic predators)
-          High in vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin B, etc.
Sardines can be featured into fabulous sardines easy recipes with simple preparation and you do not need to do a difficult recipe to get the best out them because sardine fish Indonesia is already taste so delicious.


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