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Indonesia Carrageenan Suppliers as Provider for Best Product

Thursday 28 September 2017

Indonesia Carrageenan Suppliers as Provider for Best Product

If you owned a food factory, then you might want to be in contact with Indonesia carrageenan suppliers to provide you with some of their product. A lot of food items are using carrageenan as one of the ingredient. Thus if you need to have this substance to help you in creating this product then you surely need to have one which have great quality. Indonesia is one of the country which known for their carrageenan product. Thus if you truly need to have the best carrageenan product, then you might want to be in touch with the supplier which located in Indonesia.

Production process of Indonesia carrageenan suppliers
For you who do not know, the carrageenan itself is a special substance that has ability to gel, thicken, as well as stabilizing other substance that mixes in with it. This ability could happen because of the special properties that carrageenan has which able to bind itself with the protein that is contained by the other substance. That is why, Indonesia carrageenan suppliers usually suggest it to be used inside food product especially one that is made using dairy or meat as the ingredient.
Dairy as well as meat contains a lot of protein, thus the carrageenan can easily bind itself with the ingredient. With the presence of carrageenan inside the ingredient then the food product will be thicker even though it actually does not contain too many protein inside. So adding carrageenan can reduce the amount of ingredient used inside the product. Do not worry since the carrageenan has the ability to make the food product have the same texture, thickness and appearance as it normally should.
And the reason why the product is created with carrageenan addition is because they can create the product with fewer ingredients without changing the quality. So eventually the product can be sold in cheaper price. This means making the availability of this product become larger since more people can afford to purchase the product. Surely when more people purchase your product this also means you will get more profit. Thus having good Indonesia carrageenan suppliers to provide this substance for you is critical for your own business.
But you might want to know more information on how the Indonesia carrageenan suppliers are able to create this substance for you to use. The carrageenan itself is actually made using red seaweed as the raw material. That is why; the supplier will actually go as far as farming the seaweed on the sea surface. To do it they will attach line made using nylon material and hung it on a bamboo stick which will be floating above the water. Then the seaweed will grow on the line in around 2 meter depth which will be the ideal depth for the seaweed to grow. Then when the seaweed already has 1 kg weight, this means that it is ready to be harvest.
After the seaweed is harvested, then the Indonesia carrageenan suppliers will dried it so the water will comes out from it. Only then it is ready to be send into the factory where carrageenan making process will take place. In the factory, the dried seaweed will be grind first so it will have smaller size which surely becomes easier to processes later on. Then the result will be sifted so other small particle that taken with it can be removed. Washing is the next process done to remove other unwanted things on the surface. Now it is ready to be used as in the creation process.
To create the carrageenan, the seaweed will be soaked inside hot alkali substance. By this process the carrageenan is created but the seaweed also creates some cellulose with it. Then to remove it, the substance will be filtered so only the carrageenan substance which will stay. Next is to evaporate the whole substance so the carrageenan will have more solid form. Before being sent to your food factory location, the solid form will be grind first so it will become powder.
Since it is already in powder form, then you will be easier to mix this ingredient into your product. So you should make sure that the Indonesia carrageenan suppliers give you substance that is already in fine powder form since it is easier to use.


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