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What is Carrageenan Derived From Naturally to Create It?

Thursday 28 September 2017

What is Carrageenan Derived From Naturally to Create It?

You might question what is carrageenan derived from since you want to know more information about this unique substance. This substance has large and the molecules are highly flexible. It can curl to create helical structure thus it has ability in forming different type of gel form in room temperature. This is why, this substance is often used by industry on foods and other product to thicken and stabilize it. Thus you can easily found carrageenan as one of the ingredient in many kinds of product including food which created using natural as well as organic ingredient. This substance is actually considered as polysaccharides which has large molecular weight.

What is Carrageenan Derived From?
Commercially they do not question what is carrageenan derived from, but instead they already classify it so they already know what this substance is derived from. The main classes for this substance are:
1.      Kappa
The substance in this class can form a strong and rigid gelling when there is potassium ion. This is why, it react great when there is protein from diary. It is mainly derived using Kappaphycus alvarezii.
2.      Iota
The substance in this class can form a soft gelling when there is calcium ion. It is mainly derived using Eucheuma denticulatum.
3.      Lambda
This substance does not form gelling at all, thus it is only used to thicken product such as diary.
All of those class substances are soluble using hot temperature liquid, however when using cold temperature liquid, then only the lambda class substance which is soluble. Usually this substance is considered as dietary fiber inside food product.
Before answer more about what is carrageenan derived from, you should know when this procedure is taken done. Actually the derivation of carrageenan has started in China since 600BC but at that time, they use gigartina then Ireland also done their derivation of carrageenan since 400AD. Thus the creation of carrageenan substance has been done for thousands of years. However, the commercial derivation of carrageenan for industrial usage only began since 1930s.
Since the derivation of carrageenan for industrial usage began, you should not only know about what is carrageenan derived from but also know that today the global sales already reach $640 million sale number. The biggest producer of carrageenan is in the Philippines since this country also producing 80% of the world seaweed total production. However, the main exporter of finish product for Europe and US region is from China. About three quarter of the carrageenan production in the world is derived from several sources such as Kappaphycus alvarezii, Eucheuma denticulatum, as well as K.striatum.
If you do not know what is carrageenan derived from, it is actually derived from edible variation of red seaweed. And those variations are the one that we mention before. The seaweed itself is a type of plant which grows inside the sea. Then to create the product those seaweeds actually grow in the sea within 2 meter depth, where the seaweed is grown using string in nylon material which hung on floats which made using bamboo material. After three months duration, usually the plant will have around 1kg weight thus it is ready to be harvest to create the carrageenan substance.
After the seaweed is harvest, now it is time to create the carrageenan substance itself. The process is started by drying the red seaweed that has been harvest before to remove any sea water content inside. This process usually done directly by the farmer right after the harvesting process is done. Then the dried seaweed is the one that will be sent to the manufacturer so they can derive carrageenan using this dried seaweed as the raw material.
Then the dried seaweed that is received from the farmer will be ground. Next is to sift the ground dried seaweed so there are no impurities that can mix with the product later on. Of course, they will also wash to thoroughly remove those impurities. Next the material will be soaked using hot alkali solution that is usually the potassium hydroxide solution in 5 to 8 percent amount. This process will produce the carrageenan as well as cellulose which will be filter to remove it then the evaporation will create the carrageenan. Now you already know what is carrageenan derived from through this information.


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