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Carrageenan Uses in Manufacturing Industry to Create Many Products

Thursday 28 September 2017

Carrageenan Uses in Manufacturing Industry to Create Many Products

You might be wondering about carrageenan uses inside many kinds of product that you find in the market, since you want to know it is useful or not. This is only natural to wonder about it as you can find this item inside many kinds of food that you eat. Actually this item is very useful for the carrageenan manufacturer as it can really help the production process that they do. This is why; you can find the use of this item inside many kinds of product. Thus it is also important for you to know more about the usage of this item in those products.

Learn about carrageenan uses inside many products
If you want to learn about carrageenan uses then you should know about what this item can do which is to gel, thicken and stabilize the product which mixed with it. That is possible because of the natural work that this item do which is binding itself into the protein ion inside the product which mixed with it. And that nature is the one which take advantage by the manufacturer which use this item as one of the ingredient inside the products that they create.
Furthermore this carrageenan is very suitable for product which made from meat as well as milk ingredient. As you know those two ingredients are filled with protein nutrient inside, thus the carrageenan will become easier to bind itself inside the product. With the addition of this item inside the product then the product itself will become thicken even tough actually it still do not use too much protein content. Thus adding this item means that, they can use fewer ingredients in the manufacturing process. But even with fewer ingredients the product will still have the same texture, thickness as well as appearance as a normal product would.
That is the reason why carrageenan uses is important for the manufacturer, since they are able to create their product with fewer ingredients but can still have the same quality. Thus by doing this, then the product will be able to be sold in fewer prices. This also means that the product can be bought by more people as they now are able to afford the product. This also means that the manufacturer will gain more profits as their market share has become larger since more people buy their product. So the uses of carrageenan is very important for the manufacturer own business.
After you know about this carrageenan uses, then you might also want to know about the extracting process of this item which done by carrageenan supplier for the manufacturer. Yes, this item is actually an extract which taken from seaweed as the ingredient. So first you will learn about the farming process of this sea vegetable. This of course, will be done on the sea as it is the natural habitat. The farm is made using bamboo which is the stick that will protect the seaweed from moving round. The seaweed itself will be tied on string which made using nylon so the seaweed will stay in the string when growing. The seaweed itself will need months for it to grow until it reach 1 kg in weight which means it is ready for harvesting.
Once the seaweed is harvest and then the carrageenan need to be extracted from it. So the manufacturer can take advantage of the carrageenan uses in their manufacturing process. But before that, then the seaweed will need to be dried, sift and then clean so it does not have any impurities before the carrageenan can be extracted from it.
After the cleaning process is done, then the extracting process will be done by using alkali solution to take out the carrageenan from inside the seaweed. But along with the carrageenan, then there are also cellulose left behind inside the final mixture. The cellulose itself is quite easy to be removed as it only needs some mechanical procedure to be able to do so. Next is to evaporate the liquid from the final mixture so only solid form of carrageenan is left to be grind to make it into powder product. That final product is the one that gives carrageenan uses in the manufacturing industry so they can create great product with its help.


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